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A word about my marketing philosophy

  • As the future of the web and digital marketing continues to take shape, the need for a robust understanding of technologies and their application in business is becoming more apparent. By utilizing available tools in their correct manner, brands can be set up for success now and in the future.

  • Because of this, I am always keeping on top of what's next in the digital marketing landscape. In addition, my drive to thoroughly understand a business's needs and opportunites allow for well-informed marketing decisions, which help grow companies faster and smarter.

  • Analytics

    Your website's data provides the backbone for making well-informed and timely decisions about conversion, traffic, and more.

    • Data Analysis

      Having the data isn't enough - knowing what the data means and interpreting it correctly makes all the difference.

    • Smart Decisions

      Once the data is understood, a plan can be formed to improve the status quo or turn around an ugly situation.

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  • Conversion

    All of the traffic in the world won't matter unless you have an intentional gameplan for directing visitors to the right place.

    • Hypothesize

      Formulate assumptions to help measure improvements.

    • A/B/MV

      Test assumptions in live web environment; monitor change.

    • Refine

      Apply winning variations and improve hypothesis statements.

    • Repeat

      Continuous improvement - no money left on the table.


Humans are influenced by design every day; UI & UX have potential to drive fantastic Conversion and delight the customer.


All of the above is for naught absent of a sound strategy and proper execution. Before diving into low altitude, a bird's eye perspective is a critical, nonadmissable component.

Experience Success

Companies I work with aren't just tapping into my skillset or seeing results, but it works because they know the kind of passion and care I bring to the table.

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“Preston is a talented, knowledgeable professional who goes above and beyond to give his clients the best possible product. We have been well pleased with the outcome of his work and with the leads generated from his expertise.”

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