2015 Web Trends and Improving Your Digital Brand

Web Trends for 2015 and Assessing Your Digital Brand TOPICS TO BE COVERED Current State of the Web Where are We Headed? Defining a Digital Brand Assessing Your Digital Brand Practical Ways to Improve It Resources Next Steps A BRIEF HISTORY – WHERE HAVE WE COME FROM Late 90’s, early 2000’s Not a decade and Read More


Did Google Release a Pigeon?

How’s Your Customer Service Been Lately? Pigeon Weights In… There’s been lots of buzz lately about a Google update that went into effect last month called “Pigeon”. We’ve all heard of Hummingbird by now and the various Panda updates that took place in the past year, so what is Pigeon all about? Simply put, Pigeon Read More


The Coming Mobile Revolution: Is Your Business Ready?

The following article will appear in the Fall issue of VISION Magazine for Vancouver, WA. The web you were used to is gone. No I’m not talking about the death of dial-up modems in homes or the emergence of fiber-optic technology – this is something much bigger. As the online experience continues to shift and Read More


Skylit Medical Partners With Zellerhaus

Zellerhaus is proud to announce that Skylit Medical has partnered with us to spearhead the development of their web asset for investors. We are excited about this new relationship, as Skylit Medical is on the forefront of developing some groundbreaking technology in the medical field. Skylit Medical, based in San Diego, CA, is currently developing Read More


Content Marketing with Chris Penn

Content Marketing with Chris Penn of SHIFT Communications PR 3 Core Outcomes of Content Marketing Reach a new audience Get people interested (to raise their hand) Intent to do business Conversion (Sales) The Issue with Today People are so overloaded…normal doesn’t cut it anymore Finite amount of time with exponential amount of content A Minute Read More