Did Google Release a Pigeon?

How’s Your Customer Service Been Lately? Pigeon Weights In…

There’s been lots of buzz lately about a Google update that went into effect last month called “Pigeon”. We’ve all heard of Hummingbird by now and the various Panda updates that took place in the past year, so what is Pigeon all about?

Simply put, Pigeon is aimed at targeting the optimization of local search traffic coming from sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and Urbanspoon. This search is optimized to provide people with better results relating to establishments who have built a good history on these verifiably positive search outlets for finding your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or similar.

An update back in 2009 knocked a lot of these kinds of rankings down the totem pole, 3rd page and beyond, seeing the effort of many company pages on these sites crushed for organic traffic. With the implementation of Pigeon, some are seeing marketably higher boostings, while some have not reported any increase.

Organic searches will also now actually showcase the listing instead of just the link for top rated search results in your area.

Bottom line, this only adds more validation to the inclusion of “social signals” as a search relevancy aspect in the Google algorithm. It all comes back to your accreditation through solid social building and quality service. No manipulation, no faking it, just straight up hard work and customer service wins the day when you’re getting reviews on these sites.


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