Content Marketing with Chris Penn

Content Marketing with Chris Penn of SHIFT Communications PR

  • 3 Core Outcomes of Content Marketing

    • Reach a new audience
    • Get people interested (to raise their hand)
      • Intent to do business
    • Conversion (Sales)
  • The Issue with Today

    • People are so overloaded…normal doesn’t cut it anymore
    • Finite amount of time with exponential amount of content
  • A Minute of the Internet (Source: GP Bullhound)

    • FB: 208K Photos Uploaded
    • LI: 120 New Accounts
    • YT: 100 hours of video uploaded
    • TW: 350K tweets
    • Amazon: 118K in revenue (yikes)
    • Google: 3.5 million queries
  • A Change in Behavior…

    • With the overwhelming selection of content, people want content that is AWESOME and EXCELLENT
    • Mediocre content is going to get buried, search engines and social sites are starting to actually penalize this kind of content!
      • Facebook is actually devaluing text only updates
    • **We have to be greater than the content that consumers already think is great
  • On guest blog posts…

    • Matt Cutts said in an article on the 20th of January that essentially…
      • Stick a fork in it, guest blogging is DONE. It’s too spammy.


The Earned Media Hub Strategy

earned media

  • Some Pointers Before Digging In

    • Do what hasn’t been done
    • Surround yourself with creative people
    • A lot of a budget should go into research (if you can)



      • What’s hot in:
        • Google Trends
        • Google News
        •, etc
          • Get a blog reading services…stay up to date on what current blogs in your industry are buzzing about
        • See what is getting other people fired up!
        • Trending on Social Media
          • Use SM to search out topics



      • What you can and cannot say
      • VALUES
        • Honorable
        • Connected
        • Ballsy
        • Positive
        • Smart
        • Creative
        • Dedicated
      • Does your content violate any one of these values?
      • Have these be a part of our organization for content creation



      • What’s the Medium?
      • What’s the Message?
  • There’s NO automation in content marketing
      • Should not be quick, easy, painless
    • 3 L’s (does my content have one?)
      • Laugh
        • Does it make someone laugh?
      • Learn
        • If i’m learning something as the expert, others surely will
      • Love
        • Do I love it? Am I passionate about this?
        • Can I get someone who’s uninterested to become interested?
      • **Aim to have 2 of these in your content
    • Publish the content!


–>There is no “build it and they will come”


      • Spend some money to promote posts, advertise across social media
        • There’s no getting around this these days
        • Doesn’t have to be a lot
        • Spend enough to cover the amount of people who already like the page
      • Engage a wider audience, more targeted



      • Put it out on social channels
      • Put it out on NEW channels! (snapchat, storehouse, etc)
        • Be on as many as makes sense



    • Getting other people to talk about and share your content
    • All about credibility and awareness
    • The moment content becomes shared, it becomes earned media
    • Paid Media can also be shared, becomes EARNED


How to Measure Analytics? The REFLEX Method

reflex method



      • If it’s good, people will be finding it
      • Branded Searches (keep track of this)
        • Where there’s the brand name in the search
      • SERP’s

      • Followers/fans/likes
      • Engagement
      • Votes (activity on SM)
      • Shares

      • More traditional coverage
      • Reputation? Klout, etc

      • Traffic to owned properties (IE SM, site, etc)
      • Engagement
  • PAID

      • Ad performance, sharing, clicks
      • CTR

      • List growth
      • List quality
      • Leads

    • More sales opportunities
    • Closing sales


Other Key Tips:

  • No one metric is the best.
    • Look at everything!
    • Like going to the doctor…you take all scores into account, not just blood pressure or heart rate etc.
  • For GA, use multi-channel funnels
    • Use this to weigh in on channels



**If no ones is covering you…it’s not good enough!

If you’re not getting the results you desire, try this:


      • Test less/more curation

    • Content could be TOO rich
    • Could cannibalize sales
    • Or content doesn’t support narrative for sales


Top Takeaways

  • Do it well, or don’t do it at all (go big or go home)
    • Not worth the risk as Google, Social Media step up to penalize mediocrity
  • Fix what’s most broken
  • Don’t chase EASY, chase GREAT



  • Role of PR’s is to get in front of news sources…NO link stuffing
  • Branded Search – using company name in search
  • Unbranded Search – KW oriented search and your name comes up
  • Optimization for Search Engines:
    • Would someone want to share this? If not, don’t bother
  • For small companies, limited staff/budget
    • Focus on GREAT content

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